Offset Print Lapel Pins

What is an Offset Print Lapel Pin? It is Exact Reproduction of Your Artwork and has Unlimited Colors. Request Your Quote Today!

Offset print lapel pins are the perfect process for complex designs with multiple colors, color blends, and photo reproductions. Unlike all other design techniques, these lapel pins allow for a wide range of colors that can fade and mix into one another without the limits of metal borders around each color found in other types of pins. This type is ideal for those wanting to reproduce an actual image or picture onto a custom lapel pin. In most cases, an epoxy dome is applied to protect the surface of the lapel pin.

Creating your own custom offset print lapel pin is fun, easy and more affordable than you might think. At China Lapel Pin Center, we produce thousands of custom lapel pins every day. Let our team walk you through the process from design to final production. Get started now!

How is an Offset Print Lapel pin made? Contact Us Now!

The process of making offset print lapel pins is accomplished through several steps:

  1. Tell our team your idea or design of your custom lapel pin.
  2. Your free quote and color proof will be sent to you via email with in 24 hours.
  3. After you approve the proof, printing plates are made for each color in your lapel pin design.
  4. The colors are then directly applied to a large sheet of brass, stainless steel depending on the selection of your choice using the printing plates mentioned above.
  5. The large sheets of metal are then baked in an oven at high heat degrees to cure the inks.
  6. After cooling the sheets are trimmed to reveal the outside shape of your lapel pin.
  7. Each pin is then coated in a non-yellowing epoxy varnish to protect the finish.
  8. The attachment of your choice is applied.
  9. A final inspection ensures that the lapel pins are exactly what you ordered. Your lapel Pins are then individually packaged for a superb and professional presentation.

Why choose custom Offset Print Lapel Pins?

  • High quality, full color digital printing.
  • Epoxy varnished for protection.
  • No metal needed to separate colors.
  • When every little detail matters.
  • Match branding or logo requirements.

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Offset Print Lapel Pins Pricing. Get Quote Today!

***Price listed for reference only, please contact our sales for quote.


Offset Print Lapel Pins Plating.

Offset Print Lapel Pins Additional Options. Get a Free Quote!

Offset Print Lapel Pins Attachments.

Offset Print Lapel Pins Presentation Options. Get a Free Quote!

Every Order of Custom Offset Print Lapel Pins Includes:

FREE artwork and design w/ unlimited revisions.
FREE full-color proof delivered via email within 24 hours.
FREE Colors – up to 5 colors at no additional charge.
FREE Shipping – delivered via UPS/DHL/FEDEX air service.
FAST Production – ready to ship in 7-10 days.

Contact us today with your design ideas and we will provide you with a free price quote and color proof for your review.