Epola Lapel Pins

What is an Epola Lapel Pin? It is Highest Quality and Most Exquisite Pin Available. Request Your Quote Today!

An Epola lapel pin is also known as Imitation Cloisonné, Semi Cloisonné or Hard Enamel, they are all the same things. Quite simply, when you want the absolute highest quality lapel pins around, the Epola process is the solution. These distinctive pins are fashioned using a complex technique that originated hundreds of years ago in ancient China. Epola Process, either in Die Stuck Brass or Die Cast Zinc, uses brilliant colored resin in the recessed areas, which allows for PMS color matching. It reveals a glassy smooth finish to each piece.

Creating your own custom epola lapel pin is fun, easy and more affordable than you might think. At China Lapel Pin Center, we produce thousands of custom lapel pins every day. Let our team walk you through the process from design to final production. Get started now!

How is an Epola Lapel pin made? Contact Us Now!

The process of making epola lapel pins is accomplished through several steps:

  1. Tell our team your idea or design of your custom lapel pin.
  2. Your free quote and color proof will be sent to you via email with in 24 hours.
  3. After you approve the proof, we start mold making according to your custom lapel pin design.
  4. When the mold is done, the design that you have chosen for your custom lapel pins is die-struck into a metal base which creates recessed areas or compartments.
  5. After cutting the lapel pin design from the metal base, the attachment of your choice is applied, the particular color that you choose is carefully poured into these compartments and then fired at very high heat. The epola enamel dries and hardens to form a rock-hard surface with a brilliant, jewel-like intensity. Each color is applied separately and then fired again, so that the colors do not bleed into one another.
  6. When the pin cools, the surface is ground one at a time and then highly polished to a lustrous shine.
  7. The metal separators can be plated with silver, gold or other metal.
  8. A final inspection ensures that the lapel pins are exactly what you ordered. Your lapel Pins are then individually packaged for a superb and professional presentation.

Why choose custom Epola Lapel Pins?

  • High-quality smooth glassy jewelry-like finish that anyone would be proud to wear.
  • Pantone Solid Coated Matching, the color is up to you.
  • High luster and durability, bright, vivid colors will not fade for many years.
  • Distinctive and classy look.
  • Epola lapel pin can be an artistic, upscale gift.

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Every Order of Custom Epola Lapel Pins Includes:

FREE artwork and design w/ unlimited revisions.
FREE full-color proof delivered via email within 24 hours.
FREE Colors – up to 5 colors at no additional charge.
FREE Shipping – delivered via UPS/DHL/FEDEX air service.
FAST Production – ready to ship in 7-10 days.

Contact us today with your design ideas and we will provide you with a free price quote and color proof for your review.